Chapter 12 *** Moving to The house of TERROR

************Chapter 12********* Moving to The house of TERROR

Well Harry had been gone for about a week, and I was finally getting a better feeling about being alone, and also I had a new found sense of peace not having to feel like I needed to be afraid of Harry. I was home from work early and just as I was getting ready to go to bed the phone rung. ” How you doing “? the voice quietly spoke into the receiver ” fine” I said kind of wondering who it was ” how are the kids?”
” fine” I said realizing it was Harry he sounded kind of sad, and was speaking very low. ” Well I wanted to call and tell you how sorry I am about what happened” ” OK” I said getting ready to hang up the phone ” Nette… I want you to know that no matter what happens to me I love you” “yeah OK” I said, and I hung up the phone. I got in the tub still thinking about that call then the phone rung again ” Hello” I said ” Nette I want you back” ” what ?” I said.. ” I said I want you back” well I told him all the things that I had been wanting to tell him, and I also told him that there was no way I was getting back with him! While I was talking he was becoming agitated and finally he said ” F*ck you B*tch” and “If I catch you with another man B*TCH you dead!” I slammed the phone down feeling my anxiety coming upon me again. He continued to call back and when I would answer he would scream obscenities into the phone, or claim I better watch my back..
I called the police and asked to have an officer come over. Harry continued to call even though I would not answer the phone. The officer was standing there; and after the phone rang some 15 times he picked it up, and heard Harry yell ” B*tch you dead” into the phone! He told Harry that he was a police officer, and that if he called there again that he was gonna go to jail.. Harry cussed the officer out, and continued calling after the officer hung up the phone. Harry continued calling and finally I took the phone off the hook and sat up the rest of the night cradling the new pistol I had bought in my hand.
I continued to avoid having too many problems at work, and continued to avoid when Harry would call. Finally it was getting close to Christmas and getting further behind on the bills. I still had not received any child support payments and I could not afford to continue to pay the babysitter, buy diapers and food so when Harry called again I talked to him, and again fell for his lines of BS. He came an moved me and the funny thing was that the police stopped by while he was putting some things in the blazer and asked him what he was doing here. I came out and told them that it was OK and that I was moving with him. They talked to me for awhile and left saying they surely hoped things worked out for me and the children.
I was finally going to see what the big deal was with the house on Maplewood. I finally got a chance to see and visualize how all the wife’s and mistresses of Harry Taylor felt in his castle. Well it was no big deal, in fact the house was not even worth all the Hell we had gone thru to get it.
The kitchen had a dingy faded brown panel and the floor was a faded dirty red color.. The living room was in serious need of paint and the carpet that Harry claimed was recently installed was in need of being replaced. I walked around and looked, and wondered to myself… what the Hell was so great about this house that I had gone through 3 1/2 years of hell for? I could see nothing that could account for not even half. Christmas came and went and so did New years, but the abuse continued and continued.
1989 was here and the best part of that was Harry finally bought me a real wedding ring. I had been at work that day and Harry stopped by and gave me 1500 dollars and said this is for you to go buy a wedding ring with.
He said I if it is not enough he would get whatever I needed to have the ring I wanted. I was very happy and very excited because I was finally gonna have more then the imond I had been wearing while I noticed the glistening sparkling shimmering glowing diamond wedding rings that the other servers wore proudly. After work I went to the mall and looked and then I went to some other diamond stores but I could not find what I was hoping too find as far as what I wanted my diamond to look like.
I finally came upon the perfect ring for me and I was happy and proud when I got the chance to wear it home. I was all aglow when Harry walked in the door, but that glow soon faded because unlike what I thought he would say the first thing he asked me was how much it cost, and then he made a comment about it being a waste of money.
I took the ring and put it and the receipt on the dresser, and off to bed I went! A couple days went by, and finally Harry came and said he wanted me to keep the ring and that he was sorry for saying the things he had. I began wearing the ring and even forgot how bad he made me feel but again that was short lived.
One night in the wee hours of the February chill Harry started in on me again. He had gotten me out of bed and was choking me on the couch when the kids got up and came in. He told the kids to go back to bed and when I told Nookie to call the police he ran in her room and snatched the phone out the wall.
I got all the kids and sat on the bed with Nookie while Harry went out the room still screaming, and acting totally crazy. I told Nookie to get the kids some clothes, and told them that we were gonna leave there. Harry came in and knocked me down on the bed, and demanded that I give him my wedding ring! I told him I was not giving him my ring! Then he began to twist my arm claiming he would break my finger if I didn’t take it off. I took off the ring and then he took my glasses and car keys. I got the kids together and we left walking.
Again we ended up at the shelter, and again I ended up trying to figure out what I was gonna do. I went and filed my income taxes, and when I got my return. With that I got me, and the kid’s an apartment. I managed to sneak back to the house, and with Joanie’s help I got some items; to help make the move easier on us.
I was still going through the divorce proceedings, and my attorney was able to get my car back for me, but that was only good for the move cause shortly after that I was at work, and had gotten off early. I came out just in time to see a wrecker truck going into the back of the restaurant, and Harry coming out the corner of the lot towards me. I had walked out with barb, and she was asking me if I wanted her to go back inside, and call the police.
Harry came running towards me, then without saying a word he began to pound dents into the hood of the car and kick, dents in the door, he ended his tantrum with the audience of servers and the manager’s in the window looking when he smashed the window on the driver side of the car and got in and ripped the gear shifter out of the car, then he went back to his blazer, and left.
The man in the wrecker was staring with his mouth open when the police pulled up. He told them that he could not believe what he had just seen, and after telling the police that he would be a witness if they needed he proceeded to help me clean out the glass, and helped me figure out how I would get the car home! Needless to say I was very embarrassed. but happy that he vented his frustration on the car and not me.
The next day I went and got the window fixed and contacted the insurance company about the other damages. They told me because the car was in his name that he had the right to tear it up if he wanted too! Also they were not gonna pay. I went on driving the car like it was, and also doing all I could to take care of me, and my kids in spite of this now setback. I wasn’t able to keep up with the bill’s very long, and again I got back with Harry hoping this time he would do the right thing.
He moved into the apartment and after about a month, he started the threats again; for me it was back to having to call the police for help.
I moved back in with him on Maplewood, and I continued to go through the BS.. I was back out in June this time I had to go thru pure hell trying to get away. Harry had gotten in one of his usual bad moods, and on this day he went to work taking my car keys with him.
I had already begun looking for another place again thinking sooner or later I will somehow be able to break free from this abuse
permanently. I had called about this house, and the man told me that he would go over there so that I could see the place. I left the kids at the house with Nookie hoping that I could walk the few miles to see the new house and be able to get back before Harry got home for lunch.
The house was very nice, and the man said I could it but I needed 700 dollars which I didn’t have. I told him that I would let him know the next day because I had every intention of taking Harry up on his offer of giving me the money to move, if I ever decided that I didn’t want to be with him anymore.
I left the house and was walking back home when I saw Herbert Williams my old boyfriend. He pulled up and began talking to me then he asked if I needed a ride. First I said no but then I thought well I could get back to the house before Harry got there. So I told him yes. While we rode I told him a little about what was going on with me and I told him about the house that I had just came from seeing.
Before we parted he gave me his phone number saying if I needed anything don’t hesitate to call him. I got to the house thinking Harry would be there soon but to my surprise he had already came and left. Today was payday and he didn’t leave any money but he did leave the keys to my car.
I knew I had to get in touch with Harry somehow because I had told the man that I would let him know tomorrow if I would be able to get the house. So I got in the car and went to the plant. I saw Harry inside the fence and told him that I needed to talk with him. He came out and I told him that I wanted to move and that I had lined up a place but that I needed 700.00 to get it.
He told me he was not giving me any money, and said if I tried to leave him again that he would make sure I would not be physically able to do so. I told him I was tired of going through changes with him, and that all I wanted was to get a place for the kids and be away from all the bullshit he was doing to me. He had already jumped on me that day, and this time he reached over and grabbed me by the back of my neck saying ” B*TCH you must don’t know who you F*CKING with ” He turned me a loose and got out the car still shouting obscenities. I looked as he walked off, and before I knew it I put my foot on the gas and went charging straight for him, thinking I’m gonna kill him before he has the chance to kill me.
He looked back and saw me coming and jumped out the way. But before I could stop the car I hit the guard rail at the security booth. He rolled his eyes at me as he turned the corner, and I sat there for a second thinking ” that son of a B*TCH” I could have hurt myself.
I went back to the house and called Herbert on the phone and talked to him for awhile telling him what had happened, He told me that he had a few hundred dollars that I could get, and he had some furniture that he would give me also. Harry came home later that night and without saying a word attacked me claiming he ought to kill me for trying to run him over.
The next day I called the credit union, and asked how could I go about applying for a loan, they told me that the board would be meeting today and that I could come in and fill out an application and meet with the board. I did that and got approved for the loan. Immediately I called the man to tell him that I would take the place.
I had everything all set up to move except I still wasn’t able to get any of the furniture out of the house. Herbert had came by the new house and brought a reclining chair and a dinette set, and promised that he would help me get any other furnishings that i needed.
He also told me that he was still in love with me and didn’t understand how it was we manage to break up anyway. While I was happy to have his help and support, I knew that there was no way I would be interested in getting back involved with him. Besides if I did that I knew Hrry would surely loose it, and I was not ready to take the risk of maybe getting someone else hurt because of me.
The place I moved into was not too far from the plant and no doubt it didn’t take Harry very long to find me. I kept having this nagging feeling that he had someone following my every move.
About a week had gone by and I finally called harry to ask if he could bring some of the kids toys and things so they could play with them he told me HELL NO in no uncertain terms. He said you left here without anything so you will live without anything, and again it was back to struggling to try to replace what we didn’t have and still try to buy food and pay rent. I was still going through with the divorce I had started so I called my attorney to see if there was anyway they could get me some of my belongings. He told me that unless I was willing to risk going back in that house it would be in my best interest to just do the best I could until I went for my divorce hearing.
We were getting along just fine til the day I went to Kmart to buy some household things and we saw Harry, Ted and Delores and all the other kids. Tami and harry both start crying they wanted their daddy and before I could do or say anything he was at the car taking Tami out. I told him that he better put her back, and again I asked if he would bring their things, he told me that he would if I allowed him to take the kids with him. So I let him take the kids thinking OK let’s see what he does, and sure enough he was back to the same old cussing and screaming and going off when he bought them back.
The neighborhood we moved in was fairly nice, but Nookie and Pooh had a run in with the girl down the street, so as summer heated up so did the tension between the kids, and once again I was back to deciding there was no hope so I moved back in with Harry in August. The only good thing that happened to me in that year, was that I won a cruise at work for having outstanding sales during the month of august.
I continued to go back and forth to the friend of the court and I also continued on with the divorce. By October of 89 I was even back in the shelter but this time I was determined that I was getting out of that marriage no matter what.
Harry had taken my car again, and this time I was somewhat prepared. I had gotten extra keys made to the car the house and the blazer and when I got the order to go get my car I did, but I ended up leaving it at the house because he had done something to the engine and the car sounded like it was gonna blow up if I accelerated. I finally went for my divorce, and with the support of Virginia the worker at the underground railroad I was feeling like I could make it.
I got the divorce and I with the help of the underground railroad I got enough furnishings together to get my own place again. I had moved into the house and was settling in when one thing after another started to happen. I had gotten the blazer stuck in the snow and Mud behind the house and had to pay a wrecker to come pull it out. Meanwhile with the assistance of his children and his X wife Harry had found out where I lived. He came sometime during the night stole the truck so I was without any transportation and I had to be at a mandatory store meeting that morning. Christmas was coming and along with it I was continuing to struggle with getting presents and getting back and forth to work, and yes again I ended up going back to live with Harry.
But this time it wasn’t because of the child support, it was mostly because I felt that getting away from him and staying away from him was hopeless. And so was getting my things the court had awarded me. There was an incident after Christmas that was very frightening and eery. Harry’s cousin came by and while he waited for Harry to come in from work he talked to me about some of the so called negative things he had heard about me. When Harry came in we all sat down at the table, and after inhaling some of the weed they were smoking I became somewhat ill.
I excused myself and went to bed, and the strangest feeling came over me. While laying on the bed I suddenly felt my soul being lifted from my body, and I watched in complete terror as my spirit was being lifted away from my flesh. I was taken by the hand and walked into a place called heaven, and while I was there the spirit told me that I could ask questions which my first was ” Does this mean that I am dead”. The spirit told me that I was not dead, but that there were some things I needed to know.
I went into a place that was very peaceful and while in this place I saw many faces of people I didn’t think would have been there. I was given the opportunity to talk with Harry’s father, and his mother. well I was shocked to see his father there I listened very carefully to him as he described his son ( Harry) and what his birth meant to the family tree. While I listened intently to his father, I could still here word for word what his cousin was saying in the kitchen.
I found myself straining to understand what was going on where I was but I also wanted to be clear on what I was hearing coming out of the kitchen. Harry’s cousin was saying stuff to Harry about his seemingly lack of concern for his aunt. His cousin was insisting that Harry go by there, and check on her because he was not in town that much and not able to do it himself. The stuff he was saying was very eery and I often wondered after that what was a lot of what his cousin said having to do with Harry taking responsibility for his mother. After Harry’s cousin left, I was returned to my body, and I got up and ran into the kitchen, and sat down, and talked to Harry about what had happened. I also described in great detail what his father wore and what he said to me. After that experience I seemed to have a new outlook about Harry and his family, and to this day I believe in my heart that that family is cursed.
As time went on we seemed to be getting along better but largely due to the fact that I had set the date for taking the cruise and Harry very much wanted to go. January came and Harry had took and got a new engine put in my car so thank GOD I was back with my own wheels. I was doing some shopping, some, and some saving, some planning, mostly some praying because I wanted that trip to be special. I was hoping that we could have the honeymoon we never had, and that we could find the so called love that we desperately needed to get this relationship on the road to recovery.
We made it to the point of the cruise but it was nothing like I had hoped it would. It was everything I had hoped it wouldn’t be.. We got on the ship and immediately went our separate ways. We ended up back in the cabin and after settling on who would sleep where I laid down and so did he and we took a nap that ended up lasting til the next mornings knock on the door from the shipmate, asking if everything was OK..
It was kind of funny because we didn’t have a window so we didn’t know that the day had turned into night, and night into morning. The next morning we went down to breakfast, and after answering the question asked by the other couple assigned the same table as us, we enjoyed a breakfast fit for a king.
The afternoon we were gone our separate ways again.. Harry thought it best he go along to look the ship over and I wondered why was he acting so unconcerned The whole day was spent with me looking for the room, and Harry enjoying being by his self on this so called honey moon. If I wanted to do something, he didn’t want to do the same thing and this was the day that the ship was to be at sea all day.
I played bingo and gambled for the most part while Harry did whatever he thought he wanted to do. That night we went back to the room and back to our separate beds and to sleep. The next day we got off the ship in Nassau, and we took a tour to some of the places they had. That day was rather nice cause for the most part we spent the day together. That night we went to the Captains party and tried to appear a happy couple even though it was obvious to me that we were far from that. The next day I guess he was horny he climbed on me and did his business and after that he went about his business. Later that night we had words cause I told him I was tired of him acting like I wasn’t even there.
I left the room and when I came back he refused to let me in. I spent the better part of that night knocking on the door and finally I decided to go to the casino where I ended up getting frustrated and broke. The next day we were set to leave and Harry came, and apologized for being a jerk. After the cruise I had rented a car and we were off to spend 2 days in Florida.
The trip in Florida was both fun and romantic we made love and we spent every moment together. I think it was partly because we were almost broke and couldn’t do a whole lot of anything with that last $100.00 we had. When we got home everything was still going well, but again that too didn’t last long. I had taken an additional 2 weeks vacation and by the time I went back to work I was more then ready to get away from the house, and from him..
I was at work and I got into a conversation with Deltrich, she was talking to me about her relationship and how she felt about what was going on in her life. While I talked to her, I found myself listening to some of the things I was telling her but, not doing myself and it was at that point that I decided to go home and tell Harry that I was not happy and that I wanted to move. On the way home I prayed to the Lord for courage and for strength.
By the time I got home I felt pretty confident that I could go in and tell him and do it without being afraid. I said one last prayer to the Lord asking him to keep me safe, and went in the house. Harry was sitting down and I went and sat beside him, and told him that I wanted to move because, I was not happy, and I did not feel that we would ever make it. He jumped up and immediately began cussing and screaming while I sat there, and continued to pray silently.
He snatched me off the couch and began to choke me down on the floor, and hit me repeatedly in the head. I continued to pray and say ” I’m not leaving without my kids and without our things”. he continued beating; hitting harder, and harder, screaming ” B*tch I will kill you and they will carry you outta here DEAD” I laid there and tried to protect my face as he continued to pound on my head sitting on my chest trying to hold my arms down. He beat me to the point that I thought with the next blow I was surely gonna pass out then suddenly with his fist clenched tight in mid air, he got off me and he left.. I got on the phone and I called the police, and I called my mother, and asked her if she could have my father come, and help me get my stuff out the house.
The police came and after they noticed the blood streaming down my face they asked me if I needed a ambulance. I told them all I needed was a truck and someone to help me get my things. I told them that I would be fine and that the blood was as far as I was concerned another medal in my war to get out of this abusive relationship.
Archie ( my father) came with my brother and I had already called a mover and they came and they all began loading my stuff in the truck.. This girl I had became friends with also came over to help me. I was getting my things together while they were hurrying to put them in the truck when Harry pulled back up.
He came in the house screaming ” What the F*CK are ya’ll doing get out of my house” I got on the phone and called the police back, while my father and brother went outside. I told Harry that I had called the police and that I was not leaving there til I got all my things out. ” B*tch I will blow your brains out” he said coming towards me, and all I said was ” I guess you have to do what you have to do” and again I looked him squarely in his eyes when I said it.
He took off out the door, and I went back to packing my things. Shortly after that the police came back and they told me that I could take all the time I needed and that they had caught Harry and he was going to jail. I felt a tremendous sense of relief as I motioned for my father and brother to come back inside. I got my things together and we left. I went to my parents and began what I thought was my road to recovery, but that too was short lived.