**Chapter 14** Moving In and Starting OVER!

Well the closing day was near, and suddenly it got postponed it seems the homeowner had not taken his wife’s name off the house, and the mortgage company found out that I was not divorced. “What do you mean I’m not divorced?” I called my attorney, and he got the divorce paper’s signed so that was taken care of that same day.
Here all this time I thought I was free, and I was still married to this madman! The mortgage company was just as excited as I was about all I had accomplished, and they vowed to finalize the deal ASAP!
I went to the closing, and signed all the papers, and I was told I had to give the homeowner at least 10 days to get out.
Well the 10 days was quickly reduced cause after it was over we talked about how much time he really needed minus cleaning the house. I agreed to clean the house myself therefore I got to move in the house sooner then the 10 days.
Truth is as he was moving out the front door I started moving in the back door. I was happy and sad at the same time, but I knew that for the first time in my kid’s life I had provided something no one else had been able to do, and that was give them a SECURE, and safe place to LIVE.
Everything was going well in spite of the fact that Archie wouldn’t help me get my things moved, and mommy had this terrible attitude again, about how I supposedly used her! “How “ because I stayed there until I finalized the deal on my house? I thought “ you gotta be kidding me?” Work was getting to be totally unbearable, with all the petty name calling, and people judging these server’s refusal to serve black folk. Still I refused to give up.
We finally got some more black servers on the floor, and that was good. Deltrich, Lawanda, Darnell and Brant all new server’s came on the floor. The servers ( white ones) didn’t like that at all, and they did everything they could to discourage them. I went to work and Lawanda and Darnell were really having a hard time, so in addition to serving my own section I did all I could to help them.
Then the test really came, when I had to work a lunch,and everything was going fine until 3pm came, and along with it came black guest after black guest. Well I was working with all white servers that day, and I guess they decided they were done waiting tables; and just let the tables sit until some of the 4:00 servers came in. I had gotten a table, and I said to the hostess, ” uhh you may as well get someone else to take that table” Hmmm I mean if they aren’t taking anymore tables; then I am not taking anymore tables either.
That I recall was July 2nd 1990, and that would be the start of what could have ended my career as a server ,and a employee of Red Lobster. The servers had went to the manager,, telling him that I had refused to take a table, Mike ( the manager) called me into the office, and he started in on me, as if I had done something wrong. I end up going up one side of his ass, and down the other side, telling him about all the BS that had been going on, on that Job and how tired I was of playing the game with them. I reminded him of occasions where he was involved in giving black guest bad service as well, and I reminded him that if I got fired; then everybody including him that worked that day best be getting fired too!
After having that long discussion with him I stormed out the office, and stormed thru the doors, catching my finger inside one of them. I was so tired of all the mess that had gone on there that all I wanted to do was go home. When I got home that day Bryant stopped by and he was telling me all the mess they had done including firing him claiming he was not good enough to be a server, I don’t know how they figure that I said, according to all the guest that request your section, and all the money you’re making I think you are on your way to becoming a great server. We talked for awhile over a bottle of champagne he had bought over to christen my house, and after he left I went back to cleaning up the last of the mess that was left there.
I decided to take a few days off work, and was happy that I had finally gotten the house clean enough to live in and also that I had gotten all of my furniture moved in. I was just settling down to sleep on the floor when I heard this Bang, Bang, Bang ! I laid there in shock for a second or two then I peeked out the window to see if I could determine which direction the shots were coming from. I knew it had to be close by cause I could hear the gunfire as if it was right outside the window.
The next day I noticed a bullet hole in the area of my mailbox, and my new neighbor was telling me that she had gotten a bullet hole in her house as well ” this is just great” I thought as I recalled all I had gone thru to get this house, now it seemed as if this house may just well end up being the death of me.
The following day I got a call early in the morning. ” Gurl did you read the paper yesterday” Sheila screamed in the phone ” no” I said. ” Gurl your ex husband is out of jail!” ” WHAT” I yelled back then I thought, why am I getting all afraid this is my house and I am safe here.
Just when I got off the phone and opened the curtains, I saw Harry walking by the house. My heart nearly jumped out of my skin as I hurried and laid back down hoping he hadn’t seen me. It took me a minute convincing myself that he could not hurt me again I laid there and thought about my mouth and all the pain he had caused me over the years. I was afraid , but I kept telling myself that I had made a big step, and that somehow I had to get beyond being afraid of him.
I had been in the house about two weeks now… and one night while I was in my room Nookie called out to me saying that Harry was outside of my house… I hurried and grabbed my gun, determined that he was not gonna start any stupid stuff and I went to the door trying to hide my fear as I asked him what did he want? He was sitting in the middle of the street in his van and he said he just wanted to talk to me. I told him that we had nothing to talk about and that he should leave, he said he wanted to say he was sorry, and was wondering how the kids were doing. I told him that he need not worry about apologizing that the damage was already done, I also told him the kids were fine and that he should go on, and leave us alone.
He left but returned shortly saying that he wanted to know if he could just talk to me for a minute, I told him that he had hurt me once and that I was not about to let him hurt me ever again. He said he knew he was wrong and that if I would let him he would do anything he could to try and make it up to me.
Suddenly I felt alone. I looked up towards the sky and thought this is a whole big world and I’m in it by myself with these kids. I finally agreed to let him pull in the driveway, and after listening to him go on and on about how he was glad that I had done something to help curb his anger and how sorry he was for all the hurt he had put on me. I let him come in the house and see the kids, and from there YEP you guessed it.. I let him spend the night.
The next day we got up and went outside and he was telling me how proud he was of me and all that. I have to say it felt good to hear someone say they were proud of me. Seems it was not enough for me to tell myself, and Laine came by with one of her uppity friends and conveniently made the comment that I only got my house because I had good credit… duhhh I thought… the majority of people who work have their house because they have or had good credit, so what was her point. She left but not before saying and besides it ain’t like you got a good job or nothing you are only a waitress. Man I thought, and this is what they call family ” LORD THANK YOU “…
Anyway after having Harry there a few days I agreed to let him move in. Again silly me I was thinking how much easier life would be with him there. Knowing all the time that I was getting my child support and making good money and there was no way that I needed him or anything he had to give.
Still I let him come, thinking to myself how sorry I was that he had gone thru all he had marrying me. I still felt a strong sense of responsibility, and I wanted a chance to see if we could really make it, especially being we were not married anymore, and obviously or so I thought he was here because he really does love me.
I’m sure by now people think I must be a real fool We got along real good, and it really seemed as if this was the change that we had needed. The following month I bought myself a new car.
I was so happy, and proud I finally got a new car. Man I was on a roll. I had the man of my dreams back, a new house and now a new car what more could I want.
Everything was going good between Harry and myself, and we decided to rent the house out on Maplewood. That too was going good I got what at the time I thought was a good tenant in there, but during the process Nookie start telling me that she was getting calls and the person was saying they were going to kill her and that they knew who she was and what school she went too, and all of her family, and they named names. At first I thought she was making it up, but I also was getting calls the only difference was that they never said anything. The calls continued, and the only time they would talk was when Nookie answered the phone. We had no idea who it could be, or why someone would be doing that to us. I thought it was because I had a new phone number maybe it was some prank caller with nothing better to do. Finally one day came that I was home when they called, and I heard them talking to Nookie. I knew then that this was serious so I called the phone company, and they put a tap on the phone. The calls continued to come, and the person continued to talk to Nookie threatening to kill the dog, and still calling us all my name.
Finally the day came when I got the letter from the phone company showing where the calls had came from, and to my surprise it was the Next door neighbor on Maplewood. I was home when he called again and I told him that I knew who they were, and that I was going to call the police on them which I did.
I went to the plant and showed Harry the letter from the phone company showing the neighbor’s phone number being the one who had been calling. he said “WOW I don’t know why Jack would do something like that” I looked at him in disbelief and I said ” is that all you have to say?” This man has been threatening to kill our children and all you can say is WOW! He said he would go over Maplwood and talk to him but that he couldn’t do it today.
I left there and went to the police department ,and they told me there was nothing they could do because they could not prove who in the house was making the calls. I said ” I don’t believe this ? What they have to KILL my kids before you do something? I got in the car and went over to Maplewood myself, and I told Jack that if he ever threatens any one of my children again I would personally KILL his ASS and anybody else who threatened to harm, any member of my family! He stood there looking stupid claiming he did not make the calls. He called the police and so I left there and went home. Come to find out it was both he and his wife who were calling, and to think they had been Harry’s neighbor for more then 15 years.
Anyway life was going well, and we got through that crisis also I tell you the credit was going so well that I guess Mommy felt she needed to get in on the action. After all she had done to me and the kids, had the nerve to ask me if i would co-sign for her. I thought about the saying Vengeance is mine thus said the Lord, and reluctantly I agreed to Co-sign. We went to the dealership and never once did she tell me that she had intended for me to buy the car for her. The man told me to sign on the line that said buyer and I said no this is where she is suppose to sign I am here as the co-signer. He said Oh I thought Ms Jackson told you that they turned her down for a co-signer she will need for you to sign for the car.
He left out the room and she was acting like she didn’t know, but I could tell by how she kept changing her story that she knew full well what they intended to have me do. Nonetheless I signed, and all the way home I thought about how she had the nerve to use me after everything she had done to me and my kids. The following week she called me complaining about how she didn’t feel right about what the guy had got me to do, and she went on to say for what she is paying for that car she could have bought a new one. I told her it was a done deal now, and all I wanted her to do was make sure she paid her car note on time so that I could preserve my good standing credit for other things. She kept on going on and on about the car and finally I told her i would call the owner of the car lot and see what he could do about taking the car back.. After explaining what had happened to him, he agreed that they had coerced me and he also agreed to take the car back. i was happy and elated cause I knew Mommy had just filed bankruptcy and the way I see it.. When you have something in someone else name you don’t give the same care and thought to maintaining it because if something goes wrong it is up to the person who’s name is on it to correct it, and thank GOD I was able to undo that dirty deed they had done to me.
Mommy continued to call me and talk about that , well I didn’t need to hear anymore I was just glad that it was over. She finally got around to asking me if I would sign for her a new car, and I told her no.