***Chapter 15*** A Good year for a Change EXCEPT…

Well everything was going well. The kids was loving the house, and having their dad there, and I was loving the house, and having my new car, as well as having my own sense of independence! In September I ended up buying Harry a van. He had been having a lot of trouble with the blazer, and when he tried to get financed for the van he got turned down.
It felt good being able to be the one that could finally do something for him as well as for myself. We would sit up late at night and make plans about having a garage built, and having an addition put on the house. Harry really seemed to be happy here, and a large part of me was happy that all the violence, was behind me now or so I thought.
We got along good for awhile, but then it all started again. I had gone back to work, and was continuing to make money and get more credit. Harry finally started with his games. He left one day, and didn’t come back, and not only did he do that he called the insurance agent and told her that he was not living with me, and that he wanted his name taken off the insurance, cause he wasn’t paying for it anyway.
Well Doris called and told me, I said ” oh well whatever” she laughed and said ” yeah but why would he want his name off it’s not like it is in his name anyway” She took his name off, and I went on with my life. But not only did harry do that. Later I would come to find out that he also had my name taken off his insurance.
Harry came home, and there was this one day that I was really getting sick I think I had a bug or something, anyway I noticed that he was very nervous when I told him I think I need to go to the Dr. Well I went to the Dr and was told that I couldn’t be seen because my insurance had been canceled ” canceled? ” I said… Then it came to me, I said thank you and headed back home.
Harry greeted me at the door, asking what did the Dr say? I said ” nothing because I didn’t get to see the Dr”. He immediately went into this sad story about wondering if we would ever get re-married, and claiming that he canceled the insurance hoping that I would agree to remarry him. ” yeah right” I thought.
Well it seemed he was getting pretty good at these lies, and doing this financial battering that use to be physical. I thought to myself OK looks like I best be preparing myself for what would be to come, including the dental bills that start coming in as a result of him canceling the
insurance and not telling me.
The first year of being a homeowner was going by fairly well with few problems from Harry or the bill collectors. Seemed I was getting use to paying my own way. Then the challenge came. Shortly after I found out Harry canceled me, and Nookie off his insurance I found out that Nookie was pregnant. ” Pregnant?” I yelled when the nurse said the test was positive ” Oh lord why did you do this ” I asked Nookie she held her head down and said ” I dunno ” Well that would start the next chain of events for me, and this seemingly never ending battle to escape from the so called loving grips of Harry. I found out in May that Nookie was pregnant, and even though I had said I would not allow my child to bring an infant into this world until she was herself grown I quickly accepted the idea, and started looking to the future as to what I would do and how I could provide insurance for her.
My job offered an insurance plan but because she had gotten pregnant prior to me taking on the insurance she was not eligible for coverage. So I end up getting remarried to Harry after all.
We got remarried on the same day that we had 6 years ago, and again we did it without the benefit of a wedding, a reception, or a honeymoon. The only change that we made was how we did it. We was listening on the phone as Archie read the wedding vows. We said our I do’s into the receiver. We gave each other a peck on the check and it was off to work for the both of us. I knew I was making a big mistake, but I figured there was not a lot of choices, so I did what I thought was best for me Nookie, and my unborn grandchild.
Things started off OK, and the following month I even traded my car, and got a brand new Cadillac, something I knew Harry had wanted all his life. The finance company agreed to give me the car but they were concerned about my ability to make the note without the benefit of payroll deduction, so what they did was put the car in my name, and the payroll deduction in Harry’s name. Well I thought that was a good idea until Harry started acting stupid again.
Three days after the car was bought I had to call the police to get him out of the house. He was sitting there drunk, and talking real stupid! Calling me names, and I was getting scared, and tired of being called out of my name.
The police arrived but again they were of no use to me, Harry ended up running them out the house, and continuing to think he was gonna eventually run me out too. Well unlike all the years before, I knew I could not begin to let him think he could run me out of my house, so I told him he needs to either shut up! Or get the hell out of my house! In September I took out a home improvement loan, and I also got a loan to have a privacy fence put up. Well with the debts starting to really add up so was the problems with Harry. I was more then 100,000.00 in debt by myself…
From that point on the problems began again, one thing after another, and now it included him thinking he could just take off in my car. In Oct of 91 I filed for a divorce again, and this time I attempted to no avail to get a restraining order against him taking my car. I went to court and after listening to the Judge make his remarks ” Mrs. Taylor do you really think I am gonna give you a car and make him pay for it” he asked ” Yes” I answered knowing full well that according to the law, anytime that you are filing for divorce the wife is generally given the car that she has been driving, and the husband given the car he has been driving, and also the spouse with the biggest income is ordered to continue making the payments. Well according to the judge in his words he said ” hahaha that is not how it is done in the good ole boys club” and he ordered me to give the car to Harry.
Needless to say I was totally Pissed! I left there feeling totally abused again, but this time feeling that my Husband now had the help of his sorry attorney. my sorry attorney, and that sorry Judge. I ended up filing a grievance against the attorney’s and the Judge, and not only that I was appalled that my attorney had the nerve to charge me some 1500.00 for the terrible job he did. I also stopped the divorce after Harry came home, and gave me back my car.
Well Nookie was finally a Mom, she had a beautiful little boy who she named Domonique Demetrius Jackson then behind my back, she changed the name to Andre Demetrius Weems. I was very upset, and saddened that she would do such a thing after all the dirt that boy had done while she carried that child. And what really blew me away was when I found out that Laine had talked her into changing the babies name without consulting with me. I called Laine and went off “gurl where in the hell do you get off telling my child to do something that you yourself didn’t even do!” She tried to tell me that she was just telling her her rights ” she ain’t got no dayum rights I am her mother” I went on screaming, and getting myself all worked up, til finally I just slammed the phone down, sat down and cried.
I called the court house and I called the State Capital in Lansing, and both places told me they understood what i was saying but yes she did have the right to name the child what she wanted too. The place in Lansing did tell me that they would change the name back, and the woman agreed that she did not feel it appropriate for children who have children to name their child after the boys unless they were married. Well that was done, and Nookie and Domonique came home shortly after that. But with the birth of her new child, she also took on the birth of a nasty attitude; and so the problems began.
Harry was proud to put his grandson on his insurance and he was also proud to share in the nurturing of the baby while Nookie went back to school. By now I had been placed on total disability from my Dr, so all I had to do all day was sit, think and take care of my new grandson who I nicknamed Mack Daddy. Shortly after Domonique was born Harry took off again, and this time he made a point of taking the car knowing there was nothing I could do to stop him. But the good thing this time even though he had left. I got his income tax W2’s and I told him that unless he wanted to end up paying the IRS again the only way that I would allow for him to claim the kids was if he let me get his income tax which he did.
With the money I bought a new living room suite the first time I had had some new furniture since 1987 when we moved in Buena Vista. I also bought new carpeting for the living room, and I bought a new floor model television, for the first time my house was looking like a real home. I spent all the money I got back in returns both his and mine on the house never thinking that the van would break down, but it did.
Harry had not taken good care of the van so not only did I not have my car, I now had a van that cut off on me. I had to put the van in the shop to get a new starter put on, and the biggest thing for me then was not only was it gonna cost $230.00 dollars the extended insurance that I had taken out, had expired the day before the van cut off.
The good thing that came of all that was I called the GM service center and after going a few rounds with them they finally agreed to pay for the starter. After I got the van back, I took and traded it in and I chose a car that I had liked that would end up costing me a lot more then what it was worth I chose a 1992 GEO Storm, and when they rolled me out of the van into the storm instead of paying the $8,700.00 it was on sale for I ended up buying the car for $14,500 dollars.
Well I loved the car and at the time I thought I had gotten a good deal but in the long run I came to realize that I had made what would end up being a huge mistake. Well I was still on disability and the insurance that I had on the van transferred into payments of $260.00 a month. To me I was good for next few years. So that along with all the other insurances I had was good. Then when I got that all taken care of Nookle start acting up. She obviously had been listening to all her friends who were on welfare at the ages they were ( 15 & 16 ) and they were telling her how she could get out on her own. So I guess she figured she would try me. Well she did and when she did I made a point of whupping her butt then calling the police for her to tell them what happened and to see if they wanted the responsibility of taking care of her and Domonique. I end up having to put her in foster care after calling the probate court to tell them of the problems she was giving me. They agreed to help me attempt to straighten her out. All was going well till Ms Laine with her know-it-all self decided that she wanted to take my job as a mother. She came to court, and agreed to allow Nookie and Domonique to move in with her. Well that lasted all of about 3 weeks, and Nookie was right back home; doing what she needed to do. The other thing that happened was Harry had came and picked up Tami and Lil Harry and I guess they had told him that I had had a man over here. When he brought them home he jumped out the car and snatched me out the door and threw me into the fence demanding to know what Got damn man had been in my house. I struggled with him and told him this is my damn house, and I can have whoever I want here whether he liked it or not. He started slapping me and throwing me around and I broke loose and called for Pooh to hand me my pistol which I kept in the cabinet in the kitchen. I got the gun and pointed it at him, he started shouting the usual shoot B*TCH oh what you gone do KILL me. I looked at him and for a split second I wanted to kill him and that’s when I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. He stood there and turned white as a ghost as the bullet whizzed pass his face. He started towards me I told him to get the HELL out of my yard or the next bullet would not miss, and I turned and went in the house, and told Pooh to call the police.
When the police arrived Harry was still standing in the driveway next to the car still looking white as a ghost. When the officer’s came in the house I was on the phone talking to Mommy and the female officer demanded that I get off the phone. I told her ” Just a minute I am talking to my mother” and she said “GET OFF THE PHONE NOW” and attempted to snatch the phone out my hand. I turned around and slapped her and the fight was on. The male officer wrestled me down to the floor, and told me to calm down. I was shouting telling them that they were in my house, and I called them. I told him that I was not the one who started it, and I was protecting myself when I fired the gun. He let me up and asked me to tell him where the gun was. After he got the gun he asked me what happened while the female cop went outside to talk to Harry. I told him what happened and he said they would not be taking me to jail but that they were going to have to take the gun.
The next day I got a call from detective Erskine and he told me to tell him what happened. He asked me to come down to the station, and told me he wanted to show me a jacket to see if that was the jacket Harry had on. I identified the jacket. He showed me some bullet holes and asked me if I had in fact shot Harry. I told him that I had fired the gun and that I did point it towards his head but that the bullet went towards the air and that; that was the only shot I had fired. He told me the story that Harry had told them; how I supposedly shot more then once using another of my pistols. Detective Erskine asked me if I could bring him my other gun? And that if it had not been fired he assured me no charges would be filed against me, and that he would return my firearm back to me.
He said it was too bad that I had to go through all of this with Harry and that he thought I was through with him the last time he assaulted me. We talked for awhile and I explained to him how it came that I did end up getting back with Harry. He said that Harry was a strange person and that he thought it really weird that he would bring a jacket down there full of supposed bullet holes but that he himself had not been shot. Well I got my firearm back and went back to living my life in spite of the BULLSH*T Harry continued to attempt.
In April of 92 I was told I needed to apply for social security benefits, and also that I should think about filing for workers compensation. In June I was approved for social security for ptsd, and I had also found a lawyer to represent me in my workers comp suit against Red Lobster. By Sept I was getting real close to having been off work a year, and I was now faced with making the decision of losing my job, or giving up my comp claim and returning to work. Harry thought I should go all the way with it, and so did the attorney but in the back of my mind I was beginning to think that without the security of my job if the comp claim fell thru there was no way I would be able to make it on just the $650.00 a month social security I was now receiving.
What helped me to make the decision to stay out permanently was the fact that Harry claimed, regardless of how he had been in the past he would never leave me knowing; I couldn’t afford to make it on my own. And the lawyer claimed I had a good cause of action and that he predicted I would win my case if it went to court, and lastly I had been hospitalized in June during which time I shared a room with this woman who after leaving the hospital tried to kill her son, and herself Well she was successful at least in killing herself.
But with all that in mind I still feared what the future had in store for me, and that was making me a lot more stressful. By November the attorney had removed his self from my case and to this day I strongly feel that the company had paid him off.
My job was now terminated, and Harry was getting me to the place where not only did I hate the job and what they did. I hated him for all the years he had put me thru Bullshit as well.
My anxiety level was so high now that my face was starting to break out in hives all over. Christmas was drawing near now, and had I not started getting the kids gifts early this would be a Christmas that we would have spent like so many other Christmases we had known before. Harry had left on Dec 18th, and needless to say he didn’t leave any money behind. Thank GOD I was getting my child support so I didn’t have that stress to deal with, all I had to figure out was how in the world I was gonna pay all these bills with just my disability, and social security and still be able to live.
Well I was managing and everything was going OK. The New Year started and with it came another year of STRESS. Harry had been gone for about a month and now it was time to file income taxes again so I figured it wouldn’t be long before I heard from him, but this time was different. What he did was have his ex-girlfriend Debra let him claim her kids and he gave her money. Not only did he do that, on Friday January 22 1993 he called the friend of the court and told them that we were married, so they stopped my child support. I don’t know what made me call that day but I was glad I had.
The lady told me that since I was married to him I was not suppose to be getting support and that they were preparing to take me to court to terminate my support I told her that when I got remarried to Harry I had called the Friend Of The Court and that the black lady who answers the phone told me that I could still receive child support; as long as he didn’t have a problem, I also told her that I had been getting child support since I remarried in July of 91, and that the only reason he wanted them to stop it now, was because he was no longer living with me.
She told me that was my problem, and that it was up to him if he wanted to pay, and in this case he did not. She also questioned me as to the validity of my marriage saying that he told her that we were not legally married, because no minister had actually performed the ceremony. I hung up from her at 10 minutes to 5pm and I called an attorney to see what if anything I could do. I talked to an attorney who agreed to see me on Saturday, and it was then that I filed for divorce again. By the following Tuesday I had another court order for support but still it did no good. I ended up without support again in fact in February the Friend Of The Court took me to court and at that time they stopped my support, and gave Harry a check for around $900.00
This was the craziest thing I had ever heard of how in the world can you explain giving him money back when I have a court order saying he is to pay support the lady told me they can not take money from one order, and apply it to another and that I would just have to wait until the proper amount of time was up, and they could enforce the new order. Harry left the court in a hurry and I ran after him asking him how in the world could he do something like that to his KIDS! He told me not to worry that he would give me the money, and with that he disappeared down the hall. I went back into the court room and noticed the smurky grin on Craig Dill’s, face his attorney, and I said this is the craziest thing I have ever heard of! I asked my attorney what next and he said he would do everything he could to see to it that my support ordered got enforced ASAP. That was February, and it took til April 9th before I received a child support check, by then I was robbing Peter to pay Paul because I had my car note and house note and other bills to pay. I had called Lansing to find out what if anything I could do. The man at the grievance committee told me that I needed to send a letter detailing what had happened he also told me that as of January 1991 the law was whenever you had a support order it was to be an automatic wage, withholding attached. He said he didn’t know what I could do but that I needed to tell my attorney that this was the law.
I had became so frustrated that all I could do was cry, and pray. Finally I got up one Sunday at the end of February and went to church with Judy. And the most usual thing happened. I was sitting in church and all of a sudden there was this ugly face sitting next to me. I turned and looked in total disbelief as the face said they were the devil, at the same time the pastor was coming towards me and saying that the Lord was telling him to tell me something. He said ” Lady I don’t know who you are, but the Lord has laid it on my heart to pray for you ” I sat there looking at the pastor, and still looking at this image that by now was sitting on my lap licking my ear, and I thought this is crazy I must be loosing my mind. The pastor had asked me to come to the front, and when I tried to stand up the image was saying ” if you do I will kill you I will Kill you I will kill you” it was as if I was glued to the seat but still apart of me was trying to stand up.
When I finally stood up the emerald stone in my mothers ring popped out of my ring, and landed on the floor. Now even though the stone was small, I saw exactly where it landed on the floor infact when it hit the floor it looked just like Harry laying there. I gasped, and turned to Judy and asked her ” did you see that?” She said ” What nette” I said ” girl did you see that man sitting on my lap?” and she said Naw.
I made my way to the front where the pastor was but not before picking up the emerald stone, he stood and prayed and spoke in tongue saying that the Lord said I was special and that this, and this would happen for me. I left there feeling Odd but yet blessed and I went home feeling good but still afraid as I kept thinking back on what had happened. Harry had came and got the kids earlier and he saw that I was looking good all dressed up in my black and white suit. I looked at him and said nothing but in my heart I was praying that whatever that was that happened to me earlier did NOT mean that he was going to die. I went back to church later that day with Judy, and again I felt very blessed. But I had this nagging feeling because not only did Judy go to that church but so did Harry’s ex wife Denise. But I was determined not to let her being there get to me.
After attending the services for a couple of weeks I decided to join the church, and I tell you the Lord was blessing me left, and right, and the devil was still coming at me as well. ON April 6th I was outside shoveling snow and the kids said the phone was for me. To my surprise it was Quincy saying that his Mom wanted to speak to me. Denise got on the phone, and what she said shocked me. She told me that she wanted to apologize for everything she had ever said, done, or thought of me because she now realizes that I was never the one responsible for the stupid things Harry was doing to her kids.
She told me that she was happy that I had joined the church, and that she hoped she, and I could become friends. I told her that I never had a problem with her, and that I did appreciate what she had to say but that it was not necessary for her to apologize to me. After that she, and I became fairly good friends, and in doing so she told me that back in 1986 when Harry had taken the furniture out of the house that he had put it in her basement until he got rid of it. She also told me that she knew every time he left because he would come to her house and tell her what in his words, were going on. She said that he told her that I was a witch; and that I had cast a spell on him, and she said he told her about a time supposedly he slammed me into the wall causing my head to bleed and that the blood ran down the wall, and then back up the wall. She went on to tell me more and more things til finally I told her that I really didn’t want to hear anymore. We continued to be friends in fact we exchanged some clothing items and even went to church and visited each other. Denise also told me that she believed Harry would be coming back to me, and she wanted me to know that she still wanted to maintain a friendship with me.
I guess she was right on that note because the following week Harry called me late one night. First he would hang up the phone, or just hold it, then he finally talked into the phone. I told him that I had gotten into the church, and that I really didn’t want to have anymore problems with him. I also knew he was probably calling because, my child support had finally gotten started. Still I was under a lot of stress, and needless to say, again it was only a matter of a few days, before I allowed Harry to come back.
He came back and even agreed to go to church with me. At one service which was the pastors and wife’s anniversary Harry did the video taping of it. We had not been getting along real good but I refused to allow the enemy to break up my home again so I went along with him as best I could. Earlier that day Harry had really been tripping out so what I did was turn on some gospel music and sang, and danced as if he was not even there. The more I sang, and danced it, seemed the madder he got til finally he ended up hitting the wall with his fist in anger leaving a nice size hole in it. Immediately he began apologizing claiming he didn’t mean to bust the wall. When he left, Judy came down and we prayed and anointed the house determined to run that evil spirit out of there.
The whole church seem to be praying for my family, and so I continued to keep the faith; that the Lord would somehow work things out. That night while we were at church I felt the spirit of the Lord moving all inside of me. All I could do was cry and pray and throw my hands toward the sky and say Lord your will be done.
When we got home Harry came to me and said, that while he was filming he saw a halo on my head he said that he knew there was something special about me, and now he felt he knew what it was. He told me that I don’t know what it is you have, BUT that he wanted it too. He even said that he was jealous because it seemed that he was having to share me, with everyone and he didn’t want to do that.
After that Harry went out and he bought me 2 new diamond rings saying he wasn’t trying to make up but that he really wanted to give me something special. He also bought me a new grand AM saying that he knew how much I loved my first one. I was in seventh Heaven especially after I called an attorney and found out that i could keep my storm by filing bankruptcy, and also get rid of some of the debt that I had. I filed thinking that would be a cure all but, it was short lived as well. Shortly after I filed bankruptcy I had to decide if I wanted to pursue the divorce I had gotten another attorney, and she was charging me $150.00 a month so I needed to stop the divorce in order to not have to pay her for anything else.
In June Harry had went and bought a van and after that it seemed we were back having the same problems only this time they included a $700.00 additional car payment. Finally I told him, that I could not and would not deal with it either the van had to go being he should not have gotten it without talking to me first or they both had to go because I just could not see paying out over $1,000.00 a month in car payments.
He left but came back in about a week, and I was glad he did we had gotten a big swimming pool, and I didn’t know the first thing about how to maintenance it by myself. So that was a good thing I was cool and he was there to do the work on the pool.