Chapter 2**** First Deception.

~~~~~~~Chapter 2~~~~~~~~~ First Deception.

As the weeks started going by, I was becoming more, and more relaxed about our relationship. I had, had the fear; that I would wake one day and find Harry gone. Wake to the realization, that it had all just been a dream. Night, after night, I would lay awake and just stare at him. Sometimes he would even open one eye and peek over at my smiling face. As if hoping I would be asleep. But I had so much energy I never slept. Never wanted to sleep. All I wanted to do was look at him. I loved him so much it just took my breathe away. Often I fantasized about how good it would be if he loved me as much as I loved him. Harry told me all the time that he loved me, but still I had the sense that something was missing. Then came the day when my suspense became aroused. Harry, and I had been out the night before. Finally at 6:30am we decided to go home. He told me to go ahead and go home. He still needed to take some items out to the park. His motorcycle club was having a reunion picnic later today. He said he would see me back at home. We kissed, and said our good byes then I headed home and he headed off to the park.
I got home and suddenly I was not tired. I had wished that I had went with him to the park. But I didn’t want folks to think that I could not stand to be away from him, eventhough I couldn’t. I went and got a bath and freshened myself up for his arrival. The hours started to go by and there was no sign of him. I started to get nervous reminding myself that all was well, because we lived together and he has been home every night before. I kept getting the feeling something was wrong. So finally I got in the car and rode out to the park. There was no one there. I went down to the motorcycle club, and to my surprise their was no one there as well. I was really getting nervous, but I continued to think positive inspite of the constant fear that was mounting in me. By afternoon I had gotten dressed for the picnic. Harry never called or came home, and I was really worried. I went out to the park, thinking I would surely see him there. But again no sign of him infact no one there had seen him since we left the club this morning. Now I was becoming very nervous. Still something inside was telling me he was OK. I came back to the house thinking he has got to be here now. But no he was not. When I got inside the house, I called over to his friend Mcnasty’s house. Nasty said he had not seen him either. Nasty’s wife Yvonne got on the phone, wanting to know if everything was OK? Immediately I could tell she was slyly trying to ask me some questions about how Harry, and I met and got together. She told me that she had heard something’s and eventhough she and his EX girl were friends she wanted me to know that I was welcome to come to her home and be friends with her. I thanked her and said good-by.
Later that afternoon I called back over to McNasty’s to see if they had heard from him. They hadn’t heard anything. Again I got in the car, and went back to the park. But still no sign of Harry. No one had any clue what could have happened to him. It seemed as if he had fell of the face of the earth. When I got home my daughter was there, the person who was baby-sitting had gone off, and left her with her mom so Nookie decided she was ready to come home. I was happy to see her, but I had to find somewhere else for her to go because I had to get to this picnic in case something happened to Harry. I felt alittle bad cause today was also Nookie’s Birthday, but I promised her that we would go shopping tomorrow and I would buy her anything she wanted if she just let me have this one day to myself.
I took Nookie over to my brother’s girlfriends house, who just so happened to live down the street from where Harry’s Ex was still living. I talked with Laverne for awhile trying not to seem as if I was rushing off. After leaving Laverne’s home, my gut feeling led me to ride pass Debra’s house. To my amazement, and frustration Harry’s motorcycle was parked in the driveway. Suddenly it felt as if someone had kicked me in my heart. I gasped out loud, and screamed ” No this can’t be happening!” Harry said he loved me. I drove pass Debra’s house, and headed straight home. I wondering if Harry had moved his clothes. I rushed inside, but still no sign that he had been there.
I went back over Laverne’s house. To ask her if she could let Nookie spend the night, she said yes. I left there, and had started towards the corner going home. I was too upset, and needed to get some answers. So I turned the car around and drove down towards Debra’s house. I pulled into the driveway, and blew the horn. Debra came walking from across the street full bellied, and definitely pregnant. She rolled her eyes as she walked pass the car going into the house. I figured once she got in the house, she would close the door. Which really would not have made any difference to me. I had already made up my mind that he was gone come out that house and face me.
I waited thinking any minute he was coming outside, but he never did. I continued to blow the horn, and watch the door till finally I got so furious that I got out of the car, and walked up to the door, and knocked on the door. “He coming out” Debra shouted from the kitchen. “Good tell him that I am waiting.” I shouted back. After waiting about five minutes, I said “forget this” and went back to the door. Debra was still standing in the doorway, looking just as pissed off as I knew I was. “Tell Harry he don’t have to worry about coming out, but I’ll be damn if he thinks he is gone be here, and leave his clothes in my closet.” She said “well bring his clothes back then.”
“You must be a fool I didn’t take his clothes from here so what do I look like bringing them back?” I said “tell Harry I said I will be waiting for him at home.”
When I got home, I sat on the couch wondering what the hell I do that for. The phone rang shaking me of my deep thought’s I said “hello” it was Yvonne wanting to know if I had heard from Harry. I told her yes he is at Debra’s house. “Really” she said “hmm well maybe he had to go there for a reason” I said “yeah right.” She paused and then said ” well you should still come out to the park.” After talking with her for awhile I decided to go ahead and go out there.
The first face I saw at the park was Harry’s. He came up to me and said ” Lynette we need to talk.” We walk over to the same little red bridge that we first kissed on. “How could you do this to me” I said. “Baby I am sorry, please let me try to explain” he said. “It is not like you think nothing happened” He went on to explain that he had gotten to the park that morning, and drank some more. He said he didn’t know how it happened, but when he woke up, he panicked when he realized where he was. He said that as soon as he heard my voice he jumped up but that Debra kept him from coming outside. Begging him to please come back to her. “Baby I told her I didn’t come there seeking anything, and I will never do that again” and I left.
“I rushed out here hoping you would be here so that we could work this out.” Eventually we rejoined the picnic, and Harry introduced me to all of their out of town members. All evening I continued to think back on what had happened, wondering if he was telling the truth.
Later that night, I got dressed in a black and gold pants outfit, and attended their club dance. I was not allowed to participate in the function, so while Harry worked the bar, I eagerly looked around for someone to sit, and converse with, waiting for the strip show to begin. There was a tall, dark, and very handsome man there and I had noticed that he kept looking at me, I would turn my head but I continued to think dayum this brother is fine, and after what Harry had done, maybe I should think about looking someone else. I loved Harry,
and I really wanted to believe his explanation, and besides he was back with me so why worry.
This other guy asked me if I would like to dance. I excepted, and while we danced, he complimented me on how attractive I was. He said he just knew I was one of the members’ property, but still he could not resist my beauty. He asked if it would be OK to give me his phone number, insisting that if I ever became available we could perhaps get better acquainted. I told him that it would be fine, but I doubted that I would be available in the near future. Harry had start to notice all the attention the men were showing me, and he came out and told me that we needed to talk later. When we finally got a moment alone he told me that he was very sorry again and that he was very disturbed to see all the men around me. I told him that yes it was true the men were noticing me, but I was happy and proud to tell them that I was very much in love with him. He smiled and kissed me very warm, and said when we get home he would show me just how much he really did love me. I could hardly catch my breathe just thinking about what he had just said. Later that morning we were finally home and in each others arms where I always longed to be. He made love to me in a very long and sensuous manner. I loved him so much that my world would end at the thought of ever being without him. I held him tight as together we made our extension to Love making Heaven. I exhaled over and over and over everytime he raised up and looked lovingly into my eyes, by then I was thoroughly convinced that he had infact just made a mistake, ending up over on Maplewood. And eventhough I was not proud of what I had done. I was happy that I had stood my ground and made it known that I would not just give up my man and yes after the love making session we just had I knew he was definitely my man.
The next day when we got up, Harry fixed me breakfast, after which we enjoyed a romantic mid day bath together. We went and picked up Nookie and it was off to the mall for a birthday gift, and then to the restaurant for a birthday celebration. Just the three of us. Everything still felt the same but more and more I thought back to yesterday and I said well for what it is worth all’s well that ends well.