Finally a week had passed and I never heard a word from Harry about the incident. But what I did get was a subpena for Harry to appear in court about his probation violation. Earlier in the year Harry pled guilty to assaulting me on New years of 95 and he was put on probation and ordered to take alcohol counseling, which I don’t think he did.
Getting this subpoena gave me the chance I was looking for to go to this house, and see just what was going on, and yes I took advantage of it. I had thought about mailing the subpoena to Harry but being I didn’t really know where he was I really didn’t want to do that. I got in the car with subpoena in hand, and went over to that house.
A daycare bus was parked out front so I waited before I approached the door. I drove back to home, and waited for about an hour. Then I went back over to that house. I knocked on the door and to my surprise, and dismay this young woman came to the door with nothing on but a t shirt. I looked, and started to ask for her mother; but instead I said “ Uhh that car that was here the other day, do you know where the man is who was driving it?” she said “ Oh Harry” I said “ yes Harry!” She said he had not been there in a couple of day’s I asked “ who are you?” and she replied “ Oh I’m just his friend” while she was talking I noticed the clutter and the stench in the house and I thought “ what the hell kinna slutty ass friend could you be?” “ Well” I’m his wife I said and she interrupted saying “ Oh he told me that you all are getting a divorce” “ a divorce”? I said “ well this if we are I haven’t received any papers” anyway I went on to say “ just tell him that I was here, and I said he better handle his business, before his business handles him” she said she would tell him and then as I turned to leave she said “ you know it was wrong what you did to his car”? I stopped in mah tracks, and glared at her and said “ excuse me?” she said “ I’m not trying to get in your business or anything but you should not have done that” I told her “first of all I don’t need her telling me a dayumm thang about what I should, or should not do to my husband!” then I told her that”s not all I will do to him, her, or any other bitch that got in mah business, she said “ I’m not no bitch” and I said as I made my way back towards her door “ like I said I don’t give a fugg about you, him, and no other bitch, getting in mah business” I said you tell him that I said if I catch his ass over here again I’m gone handle mah business. And I advice you when you see me coming to stay the hell outta mah way! “ “Oh you don’t have to worry I’m not gone get in your business and I will give him the message if I see him again.”
When I got back to the house I decided to take a bath and try to rid myself of the disgusting scent that seem to be all over me from that nasty house. While I was in the tub the phone rang “ BITCH if you brang yo ass over here fucking with mah mother again, I will kill you”? I said “ who the fugg is this, and who the fugg is yo Mammy”? They slammed the phone down, and I sat back down in the tub thinking now who the hell was that? I had laid there soaking for awhile when I heard this awful screaming outside. I jumped out the tub and ran and grabbed my robe, and gun, and ran towards the door. Diedre was standing by her car yelling to the kids to tell me she was gone fugg me up if I don’t leave her momma alone! I came out the door saying “ BITCH what the HELL are you standing out here screaming at my kids like you done lost yo dayumm mind” I raised my arm and positioned it to shoot when I heard Dot coming down the street hollering “ Lynette Lynette don’t do it” Deidre was standing by her car still yelling, and I said “ GURL YOU BETTA GET YO STUPID ASS OUT FROM IN FRONT OF MAH HOUSE BEFORE I BLOW YO MUTHAFUGGING BRAINS OUT” I said I don’t know who the hell you think you are but I be got dayumm if you gone come to mah house and threaten me! Venus was also in the car and she was pleading for me to not shoot. I looked at her and Deidre and I thought that the very reason why I don’t want nothing else to do with Harry I am sick of his whole sorry ass family thinking they can run my life.
Dot had made it out in front of the house and was still pleading with me to put the gun down, also by then the parking lot of the store was filling up with onlookers Deidre continued to talk her sheyett and say she was not scared to die. I said “ GURL YOU BETTA GET YO ASS OUT OF HERE BEFORE I FUGG YOU AND VENUS UP.. I also told her to go brang her sorry ass mammie around here, and I would fugg her up also! By then I had regained my composure and realized this didn’t make any sense me standing outside in mah bathrobe arguing wit some stupid ass, chile who was not about to come in mah yard, and make mah day so. I turned and went back in the house. I called the police and reported what had happened just so I could have it on record that they started it first. Later that day I was in the house cleaning and Hank came up in the driveway. I went outside and was talking to him about Domonique, when Stefon passed by with Quincy and two other people in the car. He yelled something as he drove by, and as I turned back towards Hank I saw Tangela come running from my backyard towards me with what appeared to be a bat in her hand. She ran right pass me as I turned to see Stefon stopping in front of my house. I also noticed down the street that Denise was in a car with two other people so here I was standing unarmed in my yard with all these stupid ass people threatening to kick mah ass. I looked at Hank and thought “ I wonder if he is part of this?’
Stefon was hollering “ Bitch I’m finna fugg you up as he came walking toward the sidewalk. I said “ ain’t this a Bitch you finna get the fugged up out in front of my house all you motha fucka’s” He said “ BITCH why you fuck up mah car”? I told him that I had not fucked up his car I fucked up his Daddy’s car. “He said it was mah car” I said “ No yo Daddy was driving it, and as far as I’m concerned it’s yo Daddy’s car and you betta get yo sorry ass from in front of my house before I fugg you up!” Then I headed back inside the house to retrieve my gun that was now on the endtable by the door. When I returned outside Stefon turned and headed back towards his car muttering something and I said “ whatever I’m sick of all you bastard’s and the first one of you bitches that come inside my yard Umm gone blow yo got dayumm brains out you got that!”
By then the kids were crying and I told them to just go back in the back and not worry. I called the police and again complained to them about these people harassing me. After that I didn’t hear anything from them again.
A week had passed and I was still having the same recurring nightmare but only now I was having it during the day, as if it was a premonition of something to come. I was on my way to get the kids some rally’s one evening when something told me to drive down Genessee. I tried unsuccessfully to resist the temptation, but I couldn’t I knew if I could hold on for one more day that I would be seeing this Lawyer and filing for my divorce but unfortunately the temptation got the best of me and down Genessee I headed. I had Tami and Domonique in the car with me, and even though I would give anything to turn back the hands of time; and go back to that day what happened next ultimately changed, my life forever. I got to the corner of Webber and Genessee and to my surprise there sat my Grand Am parked in this Bitch’s driveway, and not only was it parked it was PARKED in PLAIN VIEW as if Harry was hoping I would see it this time.
While I waited at the light there I thought what should I do? I had been sitting in the turn lane and as soon as the light changed to green I jumped into the other lane and drove up into the parking lot of the V.I.P my heart was racing what felt like a thousand beats per second as I jumped out the car and searched the backseat for something I could use. I saw this mallet hammer that had been in there awhile so I grabbed it jumped back in the car and sped around the corner. I jumped out of the car and ran up to the Grand Am and just start beating the hood and smashing at the window’s. I was yelling for Harry to brang his ass out here now ! I beat the car and with every pound on the hood I felt apart of me dying, here I had been with this man for 10 years, and he had the nerve to come lay up with some young ass tramp, in broad daylight as if being married meant nothing.
This lady was sitting on her porch next door to the house. She sat motionless and just observed as if drama was something she was accustomed too, but I didn’t care, I had made up my mind that he was gonna be sorry so I continued to pound away at the car til he finally emerged from the house. He came up to me, with this pitiful look on his face; as if to beg for my forgiveness! But in his hand he clutched a 40 oz bottle of beer. “ What the hell do you call yourself doing? I screamed You mean to tell me that I gave up 10 years of my life for you to end up with some young ass tramp?” Harry held his head down as if he was ashamed but I knew even though he could feel my pain, he had his pride to protect, so he loudly whispered “ just go away Nette?” I said “ don’t you tell me what to do” suddenly as if something jolted him he changed his demeanor to one that appeared to be a threatening one, that I recall very vividly.
I raised up the hammer as if to say come on Bitch this one day I am not finna run scared of your sorry a**. I said “ Is this what you want? he just stood there again I said “ Is it?” he whispered I guess it is. I said “ Fine and I am telling you now don’t you EVER call or come anywhere near me again” then I noticed some marks on his neck and I said “ What the fuck is this on your neck? suddenly he looked real, disgusting to me I said “ what is this on your neck? You laying yo sorry ass up in this nasty ass house, what is this? do the bitch have bugs or has she been biting you?” Having said that, and not really wanting or caring, what the answer would be I turned, and walked back towards the car. By then Tami and Domonique both were staring blankly.
I also noticed as I climbed in the car that his bitch was standing in the window guess she decided to take my earlier advice and stay the fugg outta the way. Besides if she would have came out that house I would have went ballistic on that nasty tramp..
As I prepared to drive off Harry made a motion like he was gonna throw that 40 oz bottle at my car, and instinctively I knew if he did that, the window would likely break and the kids would have glass all over them. As he raised his arm, I drove the car up onto the grass towards him. He shouted “ Bitch take yo sorry ass on down the road” and what he say that for I threw the car in park and jumped out and said
“ Bitch?” “Yo Bitch is up in that stanking ass house, what the fugg do you think you gone do with that bottle?” He quickly changed from a threatening stance to a more subdued stance I think he knew I was not the one to fugg with that day.
I got back in the car and said fuck this as I went back home. Once I got home I felt good, and bad at the same time. I was happy that I let his ass know that I was not gone just sit by, and take this shit, and I was sad that the children had to witness such a messy scene, but hell in the last 10 years it’s not like Tami or Lil Harry has ever seen me dominate a fight with their dad.
After sitting for about a half hour I decided that maybe I should call the police and see if he had made a complain. Then I thought nah I would just go down there besides not like they gone arrest me for beating my car.
I got in the car and Tami came running asking if she could go with me. I told her fine besides I thought if she was with me the police probably wouldn’t do anything to me. But I was wrong. On the way to the police station I saw Harry, and I guess he was in revenge mode he drove towards me and I immediately swerved to avoid him, then he start, shouting obscenities. I drove on towards the police station and he was right behind me. I got to the police station and went inside and told the police that I would like to file a complaint. They told me to have a seat and that someone would be with me shortly. I started to just leave then I thought no I would sit here and tell my side of the story.
Eventually this officer came to the table Tami and I were sitting at, and he asked if he could talk to Tami alone? I got up and went to the door while he talked to her never thinking she would say anything that might incriminate me but I guess I was wrong. The officer then came over to me and asked me to come in this room that’s when I knew something had gone wrong.
When I got inside the room there was four other officers in there and the officer that led me in there told me that I was being arrested. He gestured towards me as I stepped back.