chapter6 Well seemed things were finally getting back to normal

Well seemed things were finally getting back to normal with harry and myself. We were coming up on our one week anniversary of being Mr. and Mrs. Taylor. Yippee I thought as I went about the usual caring for the baby and wondering when we were gone finally consummate this marriage. It was a beautiful HOT summer day. Harry had decided to Barbecue. I got the baby’s playpen and took it outside. We laid on a blanket and watched as the flames leaped towards the sky everytime Harry poured lighter fluid on the coals. It seemed really strange kind of as if he was enjoying the fire raging higher and higher. I said ” honey what are you doing” and he snapped back “what does it look like I am doing” I thought to myself oh God seems he is starting to get in his funky mood again. He finally sat on the lawn chair and took what looked like a death threatening gulp of the homemade whiskey he was drinking. White Lightening humph.. looked more like a gallon of bleach to me. I asked him why he was drinking so much of that whiskey at one time, and too my surprise he started yelling ” Goddamit why are you asking me all these stupid ass questions” I looked at him, and said dumbfoundedly ” what is your problem?”
He started to get up and he had a rather deranged look on his face as he glared over at me. He silently walked to the grill and poured some more fluid on what appeared to already be a fluid filled inferno. He rolled his eyes at me as he walked into the house. I sat thinking this guy is really starting to be a trip. This marriage stuff is for the birds. I thought about telling him if he was not happy being my husband then why the hell did we go through with it. When he came back out of the house he glared at me again as he threw the meat on the grill. I asked him if we could talk, he said ” talk nobodies stopping you” seems that is all you do anyway. I said excuse me? he started coming towards me and I thought oh lord.
He yelled at me and the smell on his breath almost knocked me down. I got the baby and went inside the house, still listening to him out there screaming. I sat on the couch and held Tami close as I talked softly into her ear. She was very attentive to be so young, as if she knew exactly what I was saying. Harry came into the house and from the kitchen he yelled to me to come back outside. I told him that it was hot out there and that I was rocking the baby to sleep. The Next thing I knew he was standing over me yelling down in my face as if I was a death person. I raised my hand as if to motion him to move back and he slapped my hand out of his way saying BITCH don’t you touch me don’t you ever touch me. I looked at him and said wait a minute what is your problem. he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off the couch and yelled stupid bitch you are the problem.
I had one hand holding the baby tightly and the other trying to pry his hand off my neck. it didn’t do any good to try to talk as he had cut my wind completely off. I could feel my eye’s starting to pop out as he squoze tighter and tighter clenching his teeth against his lip. I began to pray lord this man is gone kill me if he doesn’t take his hand off my throat. he shoved me back on the couch and told me I better not ever question anything he say’s or does again. he stormed off towards the kitchen hollering ummmm the man goddamit and you better not forget it.
When he went out the door I got the baby and went and laid on the bed with her. I wanted to put her in her babybed but I thought maybe it would be safer for me if I just held on to her for a while. My throat was really sore and I laid there softly crying beside the baby. I think I dozed off or had closed my eye’s for a moment because when I opened them there was this huge red reflection in the room. I looked up and he was standing there burning an address book and again he started yelling bitch this better be the last time I find something like this. I said harry please !! as I pleaded with him to go put the fire out. he was standing there with this burning book in his hand as if the fire was not fazing him. I could not help but wonder if he dropped it and the carpet caught fire how would I get the baby out of the room in time. he asked me if I was scared and I told him yes. he laughed and said good dropped the burning book into the wastebasket picked up the basket and walked out of the room. When I heard him go outside I got up and ran and locked the back door. I grabbed the phone and called my sister. I was telling her what was going on just then I heard this loud crashing sound. Harry had kicked the back door in. I begged Laine to come pick me up. I told her I didn’t know what the hell was wrong but that he was over here tripping. he came in the room and snatched the phone out of my hand. he knocked me back on the bed and start slapping me, I was crying and asking him to please just leave me alone. I told him that I was sorry for whatever I had said or done to upset him, and I pleaded with him to please just leave me alone.
He gave me a look of disgust as he pushed me down on the bed and walked out the room again.. it seemed like hours and finally I heard Laine coming up the stairs. She was pregnant at the time, and she came in asking me what was wrong. I was trying to whisper to her as harry came into the house. He act as if she meant nothing to me at all, and told her to leave. She told him that I had called her and that she was not going anywhere. He said watch as he took her by the arm and started walking her to wards the door. I shouted harry PLEASE she is pregnant. he said well she needs to go home and mind her own goddamn business. thank god he didn’t push her down the stairs as he walked her to the door and then closed it and hooked the screen behind her.
She got in her car and shortly came back with police. Harry had gone back outside when he saw the police coming. I jumped up and ran to the door and let them in. they went out back and talked to harry then I heard him shouting this is mah dam house and that is mah wife. He was cussing and yelling and I thought oh God. The officer’s came in and told me I should leave, they said this is his house too, and unless they see him hit me there is nothing they can do. I told them what all he had done, and they said “ma’am unless we see him hit you there is nothing we can do. I could still hear harry outside cussing and going on and when I looked outside the front yard looked like a stadium people were starting to come from all directions to see the spectacle harry was making of himself. I told the officer to just let me get some things then. harry came storming in the house, and grabbing stuff out of my hand. he tried to take the baby from Laine saying his baby was not going anywhere. I pleaded with the officer’s to do something and they act as if they were afraid to even go near him. I grabbed the babies diaper bag and went toward the kitchen to get some milk for her. Harry gave Laine the baby and came behind me. He snatched the case of milk right out of my hand, and told me to get the hell out of his house before he stomp a hole in my ass. I turned and looked at the officers who made no attempt what so ever to come towards him. I asked them if they could please get him out of there so that I could just get some things and leave. I told them although we were now married, I had been living here in this house for the last year. They told me to just come on and leave.
I looked at them and said you mean to tell me he can just put me out of my own house? They said ma’am we can not make him give you anything. they said I am sure you can get some milk for you child somewhere else. As me and Laine walked towards her car he was on the porch yelling ” GET the fuck out of here you crazy ass bitch” I looked around at all the people and I thought I don’t believe this and got in the car.
Laine took us to her house, and she called her boyfriend and asked him if he could bring the baby some milk. I sat back and thought, how in the world did this happen to me. The next day I got up and looked at the bruises on my neck. I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Here I am a new bride and already I have had to spend the night somewhere else. All morning I sat and thought what could have possibly gone wrong. Later that day I called the house and there was no answer. I told Laine she could take me home, and on the way I sat silently praying he was not there. When I got home he was gone. I went inside and put the baby in the bed I continued to think about what all had happened and wondered what I could do to get him to leave. I laid on the couch and dosed off. I was awakened by my other sister’s boyfriend Wayne, he came to tell me that harry had been over there half the night crying and drinking. he said that he had given him a ride to his sister’s house and that harry was now over there going off. I got in my car and went to his sister’s. Harry had her out in the driveway yelling something to her about she know that is not right. I went over to him and immediately he told me to get the hell out of here. I said harry please I am your wife. he said no the fuck you ain’t, and told me as he pushed me away to get the hell out of here now before he kick my ass. I got in the car and went back home. I could not believe that he was still going off, nor could I believe that he denied being my husband in front of his sister that I had never met.
I thought to myself there has got to be a way for me to get out of this, and I cried and thought for what seemed like hours. later that night the phone rung. it was harry saying that he wanted to come home and asked if I would come pick him up. I asked him where was he, and he said at his sister’s. I told him that I didn’t think he should come back here nor did I think this marriage would work. he was yelling at someone in the background and crying in the phone. he told me that he had just came from the hospital, and that he had almost got killed. I asked him what was he talking about. he said that his brother Ted had given Debra a gun and that she had shot at him, I said WHAT !! he said they had beat him up and that he had just come from the hospital. I got in the car and went and picked him up, he told me that he was sorry for the way he acted and that he now realized who really cared for him. I asked him what happened. he said that he had gone to maplewood to get some mail Debra claimed he had there. he said he had called and no one was home so he went there and climbed in the window. he said as he was leaving Ted pulled up with Debra and Linda his girlfriend in the car. he said he walked away as Debra called to him, he turned around and she fired the gun at him. he said the gun misfired and then Debra ran across the street and gave the gun to the neighbor. Then Ted Linda and Debra jumped him he said he fought all of them and that he picked up a brick and bust the window on the car. he said the police had came and arrested him. he claimed they took him to the hospital and told him that he would have to seek to press charges on his own. I could not believe what he told me. Him and Ted seemed so close, and seemed that up until we got married Ted was the only one that had welcomed me into their family. he was bloody and obviously extremely tired. his lips were chapped and bleeding and he looked a total mess. he got cleaned up and then he went to bed. We held each other close, and I totally forgot about the terror he also had caused me.
The next day he got up and called his lawyer. his lawyer told him that he had gotten a call from Debra and that he told her there was no way he could represent her in any action against harry as he had represented both of them before. he told harry to call the police and have them escort him to maplewood to retrieve his belongings. he told harry that he had a right to get his furniture and possessions and that the police should assist him in doing so. We called the sergeant and he told harry they would stand by. harry called his friend and they went and got a uhaul truck. When they got to the house. Debra was locked inside refusing to let him in. Laurann and Ted had came to the house and told the police that in fact that was NOT Harry’s house and that he had no right to anything in there. at the same time his other sister was on ringing my phone, she called me bitches and hoes and told me they knew I had but some kind of voodoo on harry. I told her they were wrong to treat him the way they were and that I had done nothing. Harry came in and again he was extremely upset, saying the police would not let him get anything. Told him that was a civil matter and that they would have to take it to court. his sister’s and brother continued to call to the house infact his brother even made his sick mother get on the phone and he ordered her to tell harry he was no longer her son. he threw the phone down and I picked it up just in time to hear his mother telling TED to please not make her say that. he told her to say it, she weakly said through obviously a broken voice “Harry you are no longer my son”. I told Ted I could not believe he had done that. he said aw Fuck you bitch yawl can have each other, and slammed the phone down in my face. Harry was very upset, and he cried and cried saying why are they doing this to me. Why can’t they except you as my wife. I said nothing as I thought, back on how he had treated me in front of his sister the day before.
One week into my marriage and already all this havoc. I tried to comfort him, and I also start to wonder if infact I was the reason they had infact treated him this way July 29th 1985 and already I had enough drama to clearly show me that yes it seems I have infact made a serious mistake.
~~~~~~~ Chapter 6~~~~~~~~~~ END 12/31/96 12:21am