Til Near Death Thus We Part

Till Near Death Thus Now We Part Lynette Taylor 10-18-96

It all started on a warm summer night in July of 1984. The skies filled with stars, sparkling like diamonds cascading across the heavens. Dressed in a sexy cream-colored silk halter-top jumpsuit, revealing my firm breast fitting tightly against the edge and smelling sweet like the freshness of a rose petal in full bloom. I ventured out on the town for a night of drinking, dancing, and hopeful romancing just like a scene from waiting to exhale. An evening of drinking slow-gin and orange juice, and dancing slow rhythmic dances to the soft sounds of Phyllis Hyman ” I don’t wanna lose you,” and other artist put me in a mood for love making beyond my wildest imagination.
My mind already fixed on the idea of meeting that special man. As I sat and sipped my drink, playfully turning the straw as if it was the black locks of my Nubian king’s hair. I night dreamed of being held ever so tight, and I secretly fantasized about being gently stroked as I lay with my eyes tightly shut in erotic heaven. Constantly being shaken out of my thought’s being asked over and over if I would like another drink or if I would Like to dance, I would sneak back in and out of my imagined thought’s between each break of yes I would like a drink or no I don’t think I would like to dance. Feeling more and more as if I needed to be held, caressed, and loved by my own man. I was tired of making unfulfilled promises to all my married men friends paid to fill their minds with thoughts of making love to me.
Laine my EverReady to party sister suggested earlier in the day that I needed to get out the house, and let my hair down for a change. “Girl that is all you think about” I said reluctantly agreeing she was right. Home was always my safe place, but it did seem as if being home alone was beginning to get on mah last nerve!
By now the alcohol was really putting me in a romantic mood, but the reality of my singleness was engagingly reminding me that the evening was drawing to a boring close, and home alone was what I would end up with once again if something didn’t happen soon. As I sipped, listened, and watched as all the couple’s started to leave hand and hand, I realized that time was moving rather swiftly now, and so far I was having no luck in my search for Mr. Right. I had been out now for what seemed like hours, and I was getting drunk and sober at the same time looking in and out of the many faces hoping the next face would be the face of my MR. Wonderful. Just when I was, about to give up, and call it a night I happened to enter a club and there he was. “Oh Lawwwd” I thought to myself there he is! Hmmm the finest man in the world to me, belong to someone else. Infact someone that I knew was a friend of my sister, but in spite of that in my mind I felt as if I would give anything to be the one he held close tonight.
Our eyes mysteriously met as I strolled gracefully pass him, as if seductively giving the impression I was interested but confident enough to know I did not have to set my sights on someone else’s guy. That just was not my style! Therefore, with the sassy sachet of a beautiful model styling and smiling I walked to the bar and ordered a drink knowing I had already had too much. I started conversing with this other man, when I caught a glimpse of him going by and I said “hey you as he was walking by. He turned and then walked over to me and said, “Hello my name is Harry” taken aback I whispered “Hi my name is Lynette” that moment was like magic, as if luck had finally came my way. It had been a long time and I had wanted to meet this man, but the opportunity never really presented itself until now. After the introduction, I immediately told him I knew he was not available, but still I was happy to have finally had the chance to meet him. We shared a long transcending slow dance, and talked for a while. Oh, god I thought he is a very handsome man, and even in this funky motorcycle club I can still smell his enticing cologne. I knew I was not the type of woman who would break up anybody’s home so I told him thanks for the dance, and I started to make my way towards the exit. “Wait a minute” he said asking me for my number, “Did I say I was married?” “No” I said. He said “O.K. so can I have your number?” Although a bit hesitant I was, happy to give my number to him, even though I felt he would not call.
I left there feeling as if I was walking on air, and for three days following that chance encounter, I romantically nursed the erotic desires I had that warm summer night for that man. For three days, I prayed he would call, but he did not. Finally, on Wednesday I decided to go play cards with the gang over Gloria’s house. No sense in giving up on the one thing I really enjoyed doing, and now that we all had call forwarding, none of us had to worry about missing any calls, being we were all single ladies who all had no real boyfriends, only common hopes of someday meeting Mr. Wonderful. I think my subconscious was still on that man calling because normally I never forward my calls, but on this day, I thought what the hell and I did.
We began playing cards, laughing and enjoying our usual “I need a man for this and that girl talk.” The phone was ringing off the hook and each time the phone rang, we would scream and blurt out whom we thought the call would be. Gloria got calls, Peggy got calls, and finally I got a call. Everyone let out a cheer when I said “what for me?” I said, “I bet it is a wrong number or someone calling for Nookie.” I picked up the phone, and fell straight to the floor letting out a loud sigh, as this soft sexy voice said “Hello.” I motioned to Gloria and them to be quiet, waving my hand in the air saying “Oh my god it’s him”. Yes! This man I been dreaming about every night since I met him had finally called. We talked briefly and he asked if I was
Busy this evening. “Would you like some company?” he asked,” sure company would be very nice,” I whispered before hanging up. He said he would be there at 10pm, and then we hung up. I played a few more hands of spades, and jokingly told the gang, “Well at least one of us has a date this evening.”
I left there all excited and flying like a bat out of hell trying to rush home. I hurried and opened the door, only to drop on the couch and continually pinch myself, wondering if this was really happening to me. I thought about all the times I had seen that man drive pass the house, and continued wondered what outfit I would put on. I wanted to look as sexy and inviting as I did the night I met him. As I pondered all the thought’s going through my mind, I thought about so many things, including the night my sister and I went to a birthday party he had given at his home for his girlfriend.
I still recall the very first time our eyes met. Standing at his bar, Laine my EverReady I know every man sister, motioned for me to come join her, but I continually refused to move from the spot I had found against that basement wall. Elaine came over and said, “Harry wants to know what you drinking?” “Girl nothing and when are we leaving” for some reason I was not comfortable being there. I recall that day as if it was yesterday, and I remembered that he and his woman had been living there together for quite some time. I stopped myself from thinking any further on that and again began to ponder the idea of what to wear. Finally still undecided on what to wear, I went and ran my bath. I filled the tub with all hot water, and I soaked until my body was starting to shribble up. As I laid there soaking I thought about all the reasons I should be happy he was finally within my reach, but by the time I was finished with my bath, I had convinced myself that getting all dolled up for someone else’s man was of no real benefit to me. No since in dressing up for what could ultimately become a let down. I was dressed in a plain pair of jeans, with a simple T-shirt, and sat nervously on the couch and waited.
Harry said he would be there at 10p, and sure enough at 10pm, there came a knock at the door. “Oh, sheyett” I gasped, my heart pounding as if it would burst as I nervously made my way to the door. I peeked as if curious to see whom it knew, all the time that it would be him. He came inside the house, and I invited him to have a seat, and offered him a drink. We began to talk, and soon it starts to feel as though we had known each other for a lifetime. We drank and talked for hours about his marriage and kids. He talked about how unhappy he was that his live-in girlfriend had gotten pregnant again, knowing that he did not want any more children. He talked about how he would go to work, and how it seemed every night when he got home, his house was full of people partying. His brother Ted, and his girlfriend Linda, and all of their friends would be in his home partying as if that was all life was about. Listening to him talk, all I could think about was how I wished that I were the one he came home too. I could certainly understand, and sympathized with his situation, but at the same time, I kept reminding him and myself that I did not believe in dating someone who was involved with someone else.
Eventually we got around to talking about what he would like to have happen in his life. Surprisingly he said marriage, and all the joys that he still believed came with it. Listening intently while he spoke, I could not help drifting in and out of fantasy land, imagining I was the one in his Life. “Hmmm” I thought he sho seems the perfect man for ME!
We spent the better part of the night talking, and enjoying each others company, every now and then I would catch myself fantasizing and imagining kissing or just holding each other close. All the while keeping by spot warm on the couch and he stayed in the chair. Finally, he said, “well I better let you get some sleep.” I walked him to the door, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He said that he had had a great time, and asked if it was OK if he gave me a call. I told him “yes I would like that”, but again I reminded him that I really preferred not to get involved with someone that was already involved. He assured me that he was on his way out of the situation, in fact he said, he was currently staying with his sister. Once he had driven out of sight, I closed the door, and lay on the couch. Continuing to think back on the conversation we had had. I thought about him, until I finally dozed of to sleep.
The next day Harry called, and asked if I would like to go for a ride on his motorcycle. He picked me up around 1pm, and we rode to the park. It was my first time ever riding on a motorcycle. I was excited, and very scared at the same time. It felt strange to sit behind him, and GOOD to put my arms tightly around his waist as I held on. The entire experience was very nice. So all and all it was worth the fear to take the ride. I closed my eyes as Harry serenaded through the traffic, maneuvering his motorcycle as if it was a horse driven carriage. I closed my eyes and relaxed while the warm wind breezed through my hair. We got to the park, and parked in a semi-secluded spot. The scenery was breath taking, and we walked hand in hand to a little red bridge. We stood there quietly for a few minutes, and just enjoyed the serene sounds the river was making. The sun shone down on the water making magical starlight’s dance across the water. Harry, began talking about how he had thought about all that we had talked about the night before. He also said so romantically “Lynette where have you been all my life.” I stood silently as if in a hypnotic trance, as he softly kissed me on my lips. At that instant I envision for the first time in my life, how Cinderella must have felt when she met prince charming.
Shyly as if still in a trance, I noticed a string with a screw on the end caught between one of the cracks on the bridge. I picked it up, and said, “I guess someone had made a fishing rod.” I began to wade it in the water as I felt his eyes then his hand slip around my waist. He pulled me close, and again we shared a warm kiss. I backed away again, reminding him that I did not feel this was right for us to do. We stood there for a little while longer, just watching the water slowly cascade across the water. Every now and then, we caught a glimpse of fish jumping up high enough out of the water as if to entertain us. Finally Harry said, “Well we better go now” saying he needed to get ready for work. He dropped me off at home, and I stood on the sidewalk and watched until he was out of sight. I went inside, and laid down thinking you fool. This is the finest man in the world, and you are not making it easy for him. I knew that I was doing the right thing, but still I was very attracted to him.
A few days went by, and Harry called. “Hello” he said in that soft sexy voice I was so taken aback with. He asked if I was busy, and if it was OK if he stopped by on his lunch break, saying he wanted to talk to me about something. I told him that would be fine. When he arrived, he did not stay long, I suspect because the house was full of people, Gloria, Peggy, Joanie, and the rest of the card crew were laughing, and enjoying chicken wings and spaghetti. We stepped outside and talked briefly, before he went back to work.
Harry continued to call and stop by and I continued to become more and more infatuated with him. Then the big night came. Harry said, “Lynette I have been seeing you for awhile now and I want you to be my lady.” I said Harry listen we have talked about this over and over.” He placed his finger over my lips and said, “No more talking, I told you I am through with Debra.” In my mind, I knew I was making a big mistake, but in my heart, I wanted him so bad. So I said yes.
We celebrated our new union with a wonderful evening on the town, and we ended our first night together in each other’s arms making love for the very first time as a couple. As we made love, he held with such a passion, causing my whole world to ignite as if I was being born again. My body was exploding with feelings I had never in my life felt before. For the first time in my life, at the tender age of 25 I had my first orgasm. I knew that it was at that point I knew I was in love with. We made love all night long, and it felt like Heaven.
Once morning arrived, Harry greeted me with a big hug and kiss. I got up bathed and fixed breakfast. Later towards noon, he left. I was still wistfully dancing on air. The whole day I did nothing but think of how good this man had made me feel, and how special I felt being with him. As the day wore on, the anticipation to be back in his arms was growing, and growing. I spent the entire day waiting for the phone to ring, but it never did. Finally came Midnight, and by then I just knew any minute he would be coming through the door. However, he never came. I looked out the window; wishing Harry would appear finally, I collapsed and fell asleep.
The next day I got up feeling a little sick. Actually, I think the reality was starting to set in that perhaps I had been wrong! Maybe he really was not coming back. Maybe he had what he was after. After not all was as if I really knew for sure, he had in fact left that girl. Morning soon turned to noon to midday. I waited and watched for the phone to ring or a knock at the door. I kept thinking this is not happening he would not do this to me. He said he loved me, and that he really wanted to be with me. Still reality kept looking me in the face. He was gone, and it did not appear he would be coming back. Midday turned into mid evening still nothing. Finally, nighttime arrived, and I found myself still waiting, and watching refusing to accept what had happened. Finally exhausted again I fell asleep.
A soft knock at the door awaken me. I jumped to my feet and hurried to the door. OH God there he was! I fell into his arms, and began to cry. I was happy to see him, but in my heart, I was very hurt. Apart of me wondered why he was even here. Was he back for more sex? In addition, would I be stupid enough to give it to him? Willingly I did, and yes, it felt even better then it did the first time. Harry lay in my arms, and talked to me about how surprised, and how good it felt to be with me the first time. He said, “Baby I am sorry for now calling or coming back the other night, but being with you felt so good it frightened me.” He said he needed time to collect himself, and to gather his thoughts. He honestly admitted that he tried to stay away but could not. “Baby please forgive me,” he said, and promised he would never leave me again.
Shortly after that, everything he promised began to come true. He came from work one Thursday night, and wanted me to get dressed, and go somewhere with him. He asked me if I was sure that I wanted him, and if I really wanted him to be with me every night. I said yes to both questions, not sure where this was going, and I admittedly said I was preparing myself to hear him say he was not able to commit right now. We got in the car, and headed down towards Webber St. Harry told me that he wanted me to drop him off at his house to pick up his motorcycle. He said, “Debra came to the plant and she demanded to know about us. I told her that I was in love with you and that I wanted her to move.” “Why” I asked, he said, “She asked me” I also told her she could stay in the house until she could find a place. He said he gave her until September.
I really had not grasped hold of what he had said. I was too excited, and wanting to see if this was gone happen. We pulled up to his house, and he got out of the car, and climbed on his motorcycle. We drove back to my place. I helped him get his clothes, and personal items out the car. When we had gotten everything out the car, he said he had to work at the club, and would be home later this morning. It felt good to hear him say he would be home. I kissed him and sent him out the door.
I jumped in his car and went to my friend Gloria’s. I told her I needed to talk to her. We sat at the kitchen table, and I began to tell her that I don’t know if I am happy now or not, even though it seemed I had gotten what I had been hoping, and praying for. She said “girl what is the problem now? You said you wanted a committed relationship, and it appears to me that is what you have.” I said “Gloria I know but, something just does not feel right.
We talked for awhile, and then I told her I better get going. Before I left she said “well Nette do you love him?” I said “yes I do.” she said well then it is up to you, if you are not sure about having him live with you, then you should talk to him. I told her I was happy that he was there, but that I didn’t understand how it happened. I said, I think I might just be in shock. I assured her that I was fine, and everything would be alright, and I left.
When I got home, I began to move things around. I emptied drawers and hung some of my clothes upstairs in nookie’s closet. I wanted to do anything I could to make sure he felt at home. Finally I was tired. Somewhat happy, and still quite uneasy about something. I got in the bed and fell right to sleep. Harry came in about 5am, and we made love. This time was special because this was now our home. No more having to wondering when, and if he would come by. He lived here with me now.
Everything was going great. We would get up together, eat together bathe together, talk together, and play together. The only time we were apart was when he went off to work. We had so much fun, and we made a point of making love at least twice a day. We made love to the point where it would hurt mentally just to think about trying have sex. I loved him more, and more as the days went by. I must admit I exhaled just thinking something good had finally came my way. For the first time in my life, I was sure dreams really do come true. ~~~~ End of chapter 1~~~~~~